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Energy Storage for Solar Professionals Training Program

At this time, we are reconstructing our training programs to better fit our customer needs. We will be offering one and two day solutions classes offered regionally starting January 2020, see below for details. We are planning to have a new multiple day class focused on systems design, installation, and programming starting in April 2020. Please check back regularly for new information and scheduling.

Join OutBack Power for a comprehensive, one-day training program and add energy storage to your solar offerings. Learn how to design, purchase, install, and support a solar plus storage system using our simple SystemEdge packages.

Easy, pre-configured, and pre-wired SystemEdge packages with supporting design tools help you get the job done right the first time with complete UL 9540 energy storage solutions installed and commissioned in a single day.

Upcoming Classes

January 21, 2020 Sacramento, CA Completed
January 23, 2020 Thousand Oaks, CA Completed
February 25, 2020 San Rafael, CA Completed
February 27, 2020 San Diego, CA Completed

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Topics Include

Our solar plus storage training is focused on Outback Power’s SystemEdge Packages. These packages are easy to order, fast to install and come pre-wired and pre-configured.

  • What is a UL9540 ESS
  • Determining the customer’s expectations
  • Using OutBack Power’s Design Tools to
    • Size Battery and PV to meet the customer’s needs
    • Pick the right SystemEdge Package
  • Understanding the tradeoffs between AC and DC coupled systems
  • Establishing the proper modes of operation; Grid-Tied, Backup, Time-of-Use
  • Installing and commissioning Radian based SystemEdge Packages, AC and DC coupled
  • Installing and commissioning SkyBox based SystemEdge Packages, AC and DC coupled
  • Using OpticsRE to evaluate and demonstrate systems performance and prevent unnecessary truck rolls


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