UL 1741 SA

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What is UL 1741 SA and When Does it Take Effect?

UL 1741 SA is the new safety test standard certifying products which meet the rigorous requirements needed to ensure safe and reliable operation in support of grid modernization efforts. Grid support or "smart inverter" functionality will be required by Hawaii and California beginning September 8, 2017.

Although Hawaii and California are the first states to require grid support functions, expected updates to the IEEE 1547 interconnection standard will make these functions mandatory throughout most of North America within two to three years.

Is Grid Support Important?

As the PV market has grown, the industry has seen increasing grid instability, voltage rise limits, and a lack of standard communication protocol. With added grid support functions, the Radian Series inverter/chargers are being listed to UL 1741 SA, solving key grid integration challenges. UL 1741 SA compliance is planned for OutBack's FXR A Series in the near future.

With the advent of grid support technology, UL 1741 SA compliant models can regulate voltage and power, and they can prevent loss of power generation due to grid disturbances.

Affected Products & GIP Files

The following inverter/chargers meet basic UL 1741 SA certification standards:

  • Radian A Series Inverter/Chargers (GS8048A and GS4048A) - including FLEXpower Radian integrated systems
  • FXR/VFXR A Series Inverter/Chargers (FXR2524A, FXR3048A, VFXR3524A, and VFXR3648A)

OutBack has provided .GIP files and settings based on your location. This ensures your interconnected inverter settings are correct for your area, that's over 60 individual settings preconfigured for you! See the provided Excel Document for additional details.

NOTE: A MATE3s is required to use .GIP files with your system.

Note these GIP files by themselves do NOT confer regulatory compliance to UL 1741 SA Disable/Permit Service and Limit Active Power (SA17-SA18). FXR/VFXR A Series Inverter/Chargers (FXR2524A, FXR3048A, VFXR3524A, and VFXR3648A are not NTRL-certified compliant to SA17 and SA18.

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