Alino by OutBack Power

Solar Power Conditioning Unit
Alino TL

Product Highlights

  • Available in the Caribbean, Latin America, Asia Pacific, Africa, and the Middle East
  • Available as ATL3024E (24VDC 3,000W) and ATL5048E (48VDC 5,000W), 50/60Hz
  • Built-in 80A, 450VDC solar charge controller; can drive AC loads off of PV array
  • Max PV array 5,000W at 48V and 3,000W at 24V
  • A detachable LCD display provides comprehensive monitoring
  • Full programmable battery charger for lead acid and Lithium ion batteries
  • CE Mark, certified to IEC62109-1,-2
  • Online monitoring available, Optics RE interface available soon

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    1628 W Williams Drive
    Phoenix, AZ 85027 United States

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