IBR Series

Comprehensive Battery Enclosure Solution with Cell Interconnect
  • Product Line: Battery Accessories
  • Part Number: IBR-2-48-175, IBR-3-48-175, IBR-2-48-175-LI, IBR-3-48-175-LI
IBR Series

Product Highlights

  • NEW IBR-2-48-175-LI and IBR-3-48-175-LI models for lithium ion batteries including Simpliphi’s 3.5kWh, 48V
  • Ideal for use with OutBack Radian, FLEXpower and FLEXcoupled systems
  • Fast installation
  • Supports multiple 48V strings of OutBack EnergyCell and lithium ion batteries
  • Overcurrent protection on each battery string provides added safety and flexibility
  • Well-ventilated for increased battery safety and longevity
  • Protective terminal covers
  • Space-saving design with smaller footprint
  • IBR-2-48-175-LI and IBR-3-48-175-LI tested and listed to Energy Storage Systems and Equipment standard ANSI/CAN/UL-9540

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