Welcome to our online support request page. In order to help our technical support professionals assist you in the most efficient manner, please complete as much of the information as possible in the form below. Once you have submitted your request, an automated email will be sent to the email address you provide with a case number.

The OutBack Technical Support team is currently understaffed. We are doing everything we can to address support requests as quickly as possible however it may be several days before we are able to respond to your request. The web-to-case feature is working so you do not need to submit multiple cases for the same issue.

While we attempt to address issues on a first in basis, if your need is time critical it may be helpful to follow up a web-to-case submission with a phone call to our technical support line, 360-618-4363, 06:00 – 17:00 Pacific. For shortest wait times avoid middle of the day if possible. Please have your web-to-case number available for most efficient service.

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If you need to include photographs or other documents with your support request, please respond to the automated email and include them as attachments.