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Energy Storage has been getting a lot of attention lately – but why is it so important? Anyone who has looked into battery systems at all knows that they can provide backup power when the grid fails, but that’s not why the grid needs them. In fact, few mandates or…
Village Fârdea is part of a commune of seven settlements nestled in the rolling hills of western Romania, which, once a socialist enclave, is now a member of the European union. Ringed by the Carpathian Mountains, the region’s natural beauty, legendary history as part of Transylvania, and modernizing infrastructure is…
The Lumen Prophetae monastery in São Paulo, Brazil houses approximately 200 students who have committed to following and reaping the rewards of a religious life. In Brazil, the institution currently has a significant and growing number of religious benefactors. The religious association has several houses in Brazil and around the…


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