Quality Policy

A Commitment of Quality from OutBack Power

A Commitment of Quality from OutBack Power

OutBack Power works hard to create hand-in-hand relationships with customers, engineers, technicians, craftspeople, field specialists, administrators, and vendors to create intelligent solar plus storage systems. Quality is one of the vital links between people and power and OutBack ensures the quality and reliability of its products by strictly controlling key design and manufacturing processes and by working closely with vendors to ensure delivery of high quality products. All critical components of our products are manufactured to industry specific guidelines and the quality of our products is ensured by conducting thorough receiving and line inspections, along with pre-production and final assembly tests.



The ISO 9001 standard is an internationally recognized quality management system that places great emphasis on the quality commitment by all employees. OutBack Power has been ISO9001:2015 certified, providing worldwide recognition of its uncompromising commitment to quality and reliability.


Quality Policy

EnerSys Quality Policy


EnerSys Quality Policy


ISO9001:2015 Certifications: Phoenix, AZ

Key Elements

Customer Focus

We depend on our customers and are committed to provide them with high quality products and services. Our aim is to meet or exceed customer expectations.


Alpha's senior management team is committed to maintaining compliance with all statutory, regulatory and contractual requirements. We will provide an environment where our employees are involved in achieving the organization's quality objectives.

Engagement of People

We aim to retain and develop a highly motivated and dedicated team. Our employees are our most important resource. We encourage their involvement in order to develop competency for the benefit of the individual and the company.

Process Approach

We will manage our activities and resources with planned processes to provide the right products and support services at the right time, with minimum waste, while seeking to maximize efficiency. Our individual processes will be structured with a documented QMS.

Ongoing Improvement

We are committed to continuous improvement of products and support services we provide and the effectiveness of our QMS. We continuously monitor our QMS achievement. We will schedule regular internal audits and record non-conformities with the aim of making improvements with appropriate training as needed to ensure overall improvement and customer satisfaction.

Evidence-Based Decision Making

We will measure the effectiveness of our QMS using data provided by process owners or department managers to make informed and effective decisions on our processes.

Relationship Management

As an organization, we will develop mutually beneficial relationships to improve quality leading to greater reliability, enhanced services and increased efficiency.


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