Adding Energy Storage for Grid-Tied Inverters

Date: Wednesday February 20, 2019

Time: 10:00 AM PST – 11:30 AM PST

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Class Description:

In many parts of North America, the utility rate structure for renewables has moved from incentive based to effectively punitive by eliminating feed in tariffs, restricting or eliminating net metering, and employing time of use (TOU) rates outside of the solar production window. Therefore, adding storage to the huge base of installed grid tied solar generation systems has never been more relevant or cost effective than now.

Class Objectives:

  • Understand the options available for adding energy storage to a grid-tied inverter system.

Class Outline

  • Reasons to add battery storage to an existing renewable energy system.
  • Drop in replacement option.
  • DC Coupling option.
  • AC Coupling option.

Who Should Attend

  • Solar designers and installers that will be retro-fitting grid-tied inverter systems with energy storage

FLEXmax 100 Charge Controller 2019 Update

Date: Wednesday February 27, 2019flexmax100webinar

Time: 11:00 AM PST – 12:00 PM PST

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Class Description:

Thanks to some crucial new additions to the FLEXmax 100 platform, OutBack’s latest charge controller technology is ready for your evolving market!

All in an attractive NEMA 3R enclosure, the FM100 brings:

  • our most advanced MPPT algorithm,
  • system integration with lithium ion batteries,
  • and all the features you need for NEC 2014 and 2017

This webinar is your opportunity to ask the tough questions about the FLEXmax100, and find out why it’s taking over in 2019.

Class Objectives:

  • Comprehensive understanding of the FLEXmax 100 charge controller and its inherent competitive advantages in today’s solar and energy storage markets.

Class Outline

  • Use case examples
  • Feature summary and comparison
  • Key specifications
  • NEC 2014/2017 and beyond
  • Integrated GSLCs, FLEXpowers and SystemEdge packages
  • Lithium ion batteries
  • Competitive advantage review
  • Questions

Who Should Attend

  • Property/home owners
  • Solar and energy storage installers and integrators
  • Distribution sales engineers and designers
  • EPC representatives
  • Sales teams
  • Business owners
  • System engineers
  • Anyone interested in charge controller technology


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