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Warranty support does not depend on registration. Your OutBack Power Technologies product has the stated warranty even if you do not register it. However, registering has advantages. Our database will have your information should you need to contact us for support. We can contact you regarding news and updates. If you choose, you can receive surveys or activities to maintain our excellence in performance, quality, and reliability.

Please take a moment to register and provide us with some important information. Registration can be done by filling out and submitting the form on this page.


Extended Warranty

Where required by local authority, OutBack Power Technologies offers a five-year (5) extension to the standard five-year (5) Limited Warranty for certain products for a total effective warranty coverage period of ten (10) years. To request a limited warranty extension, fill out, print, and mail the "Extended Warranty" section of this downloadable PDF with payment in the appropriate amount, to OutBack Power Technologies at the address provided on the document.

Registration Form

Please submit within 90 days of the first retail sale of the product and indicate the quantity of each product.

  • Radian Series Inverter/Charger ($899 USD per unit)
  • FXR, VFXR, GTFX or GVFX Series Inverter/Charger ($599 USD per unit)
  • FLEXmax Series Charge Controller ($250 USD per unit)


Warranty extensions are also available for FLEXpower solutions that include these products.


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