Monitoring and Control
  • Part Number: PROGW-A-277 | PROGW-A-120
  • Product Line: Communications
  • Related Categories: ProHarvest by OutBack
ProHarvest Communications Gateway

Product Highlights

  • Touchscreen display
  • Communication over power line with inverters
  • Ethernet connection for connection to a LAN
  • SD card storage of up to 10 years of data
  • Diagnostic USB port may be used to power other low-power devices
  • Description

    The ProHarvest Communications Gateway adds a wealth of monitoring and control when combined with a ProHarvest Inverter. The gateway communicates with local inverters over the power line using a proprietary communication method that is robust and reliable. Once connected, it will log data and store it on an internal memory card. Information may be accessed through the touch screen, or over an Ethernet network.

    Technical Specifications

    • ProHarvest Communications Gateway Tech Specs