Junction Box
ProHarvest AC Splice

Product Highlights

  • Can work with up to 3 ProHarvest inverters
  • Combine AC outputs
  • Small and inexpensive
  • Durable outside and in inclement weather
  • NEMA4 polycarbonate enclosure
  • Corrosion/UV resistant
  • Mountable flat or upright
  • Description

    The ProHarvest AC Splice is a compatible junction box suitable for combining up to 3 ProHarvest solar inverters into one home that runs to an AC load center. With a weatherproof NEMA4 polycarbonate enclosure, the AC splice is perfect for mounting outdoors. Includes 3 gland fittings for up to 3 inverter AC cables. Inverter AC cables must be ordered separately.

    Technical Specifications

    • ProHarvestACSplice  TechSpecsv2