8kW 3-Phase Inverter
ProHarvest 480V String Inverter

Product Highlights

  • Rugged 3-phase 480V plug & play system
  • Small and light (hand holdable, 24lb.)
  • Non-isolated inverter for use with ungrounded DC systems
  • 98.6% peak efficiency
  • 200-850V MPP voltage range for 600V and 1,000V systems
  • 8kW, full power MPP voltage 425-850V
  • Two DC string inputs with independent monitoring and MPPT management
  • Waterproof NEMA6, silent convection cooling
  • Description

    Designed for reliability, the ProHarvest 480V String Inverter is an easy to install, modular system optimized specifically for commercial rooftop ungrounded solar array applications. Unlike other string inverters, each string is individually monitored and managed by the inverter. Inverter AC cables must be ordered separately.

    Technical Specifications

    • ProHarvest Inverter 480V Tech Specs