Fully Pre-Wired Triple Inverter System for special applications*
  • Part Number: Various
  • Product Line: Solar Power
  • Related Categories: FLEXpower Systems
Please find replacement product FLEXpower THREE FXR Series. For detailed models see below


Discontinued Model Replacement Model
FP3 VFX3648 FP3 VFXR3648A
FP3 FX3048T FP3 FXR3048A

Product Highlights

  • Includes three inverter/chargers, AC and DC wiring boxes, MATE3, HUB10.3, and Surge Protector
  • Factory tested, pre-wired and pre-configured
  • Field configurable settings
  • Optimized system footprint
  • 9kW and 10.8kW standard configurations
  • Each 48V system is offered with sealed or vented inverters
  • System monitoring via web interface with OPTICS RE
  • Available with FXR Grid/Hybrid Series Inverter/Chargers
  • Description

    OutBack pre-assembled, pre-wired and pre-tested FLEXpower THREE systems - now available with FXR Grid/Hybrid Series inverter/chargers - take the concept of fast, easy installation to a new level of performance, value and flexibility.

    The FLEXpower THREE system is designed for 120/208VAC, 60Hz off-grid commercial, backup and three-phase applications with medium sized power requirements.  The FLEXpower THREE systems are offered in 9kW and 10.8kW configurations.

    FLEXpower components carry all of the necessary ETL certifications allowing for a code-compliant installation that saves both time and money, while allowing for an aesthetically pleasing installation. System monitoring through any internet enabled device is available with OPTICS RE.

    * For grid connected solutions, see the OutBack Power Technologies FLEXpower ONEFLEXpower TWO and FLEXpower FOUR systems.


    Technical Specifications

    • *System includes: FM80 Charge Controller x3, MATE3, FLEXnet DC, FW-SP-ACA, GDFI, HUB10.3 Communications

      Prewired Systems*DescriptionInverter(s)FW-X240BYPASSCharge ControllerInverter OCPDPV OCPD
      For 120/208 VAC/60Hz Applications              
      FP3 FX3048T Triple FX3048T 9kW FLEXpower THREE FX3048T (x3) - 240 VAC (3) FLEXmax 80 175A 80A
      FP3 VFX3648 Triple VFX3648 10.8kW FLEXpower THREE VFX3648 (x3) - 240 VAC (3) FLEXmax 80 175A 80A