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OutBack has hosted series of training webinars on designing battery-based solar power systems. To view videos from the training, browse our categories on the left of the following list:

Video Categories

Level 1: Fundamentals
Intended for those new to the solar energy industry and/or battery-based systems (or for experienced contractors in basic systems wanting to expand into battery-based types), this session covers the essentials of system types including grid-interactive, grid backup and off-grid.

Level 2: Components & Configurations from Rooftop to Battery
For those who have already attended Level One or are familiar with battery-based system concepts, this course covers the DC portion of a system and focuses on sizing and load profiles.

Level 3: Power Conversion and Distribution
For advanced installers and those completing the first two levels, this course focuses on the AC side of the system to complete the solution.

To view the Outback Power training video series on YouTube, Click Here.