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OutBack Power is going on a two-month tour of more than 20 cities to deliver the latest in renewable energy technology and training to solar and electrical installers and distributors! With changing regulatory policies and energy scenarios, our very own OutBack Power experts will be hitting the road to showcase residential and commercial technologies and applications. Branded the "Energy Express", the mobile platform is bringing leading solutions to major cities including Los Angeles, San Francisco and Dallas, as well as rural areas that uniquely benefit from using renewable sources for self-sufficiency. Tour dates are listed below.


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Upcoming Tour Dates
Date Location
November 30th, 2017
3:00 - 5:00PM
2834 La Mirada Drive, Suite E Vista, CA 92081




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Energy Express Roadshow



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In a world of changing energy needs, complex utility rates and growing grid instability, SkyBox goes beyond both simple grid-tied and off-grid designs by creating an entirely new class of renewable energy system — a True Hybrid Energy System. By combining the economic benefits of a grid-tied system with all the independence and self-sufficiency of an off-grid system, SkyBox redefines simplicity, intelligence, flexibility and control.

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skybox simplicity

Engineered for simplicity, a high voltage integrated design allows larger strings and fewer components — reducing material costs and cutting solar + energy storage installation time by up to 75%. All while maximizing solar harvest.


skybox simplicity

SkyBox intelligently measures and controls power to and from any connection point (utility, solar, battery and load), dynamically optimizing energy distribution, consumption and transactions — perfecting the way power is created and consumed.


skybox flexibility

Manage your personal energy grid. Leverage the benefits of energy storage to bank solar energy when the sun is shining and use it later when utility rates are high. Or, install SkyBox now and add energy storage later. SkyBox lets you do either.


skybox control

OPTICS RE lets owners control 100% of programming parameters while monitoring when, where and how energy is generated, consumed and stored — from any internet-connected device. And it's built into SkyBox so it's ready to use on day one.


System Edge


Bundle, Buy and Save by Purchasing a Complete System

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As the only brand that supplies the entire balance of system from inverter/charger to batteries and everything in between, OutBack is your one-stop solution for power conversion, energy storage and system control. A single-brand renewable energy system means seamless operation, and all system components are backed by OutBack's award winning customer support.


With the launch of SystemEdge, OutBack offers one more reason to go with a single-brand solution:


Purchase and install a complete OutBack system* and earn up to $600!


While energy storage is still being talked about in the industry, OutBack is doing something about it by encouraging installers to take action and add energy storage systems to their business with the SystemEdge incentive program.


Stay one step ahead, make energy storage part of your solar business today

*Charge controllers are not needed for award redemption in an AC-coupled system.

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Redeem Your Award - To redeem your SystemEdge award, Click Here to open and and fill out the Award Redemption Form.  Email your completed form, along with proof of installation (customer invoice) to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . To qualify, your system must have been installed between April 6, 2015 and October 31, 2015. All submissions must be received by December 15, 2015 to be approved. All information is subject to verification.


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Extreme & Specialized Applications




OutBack Powers Mission-Critical Systems Around the Globe

 — and Beyond!

From deep mines to a near-space NASA research array, fault-intolerant users base their remote and extreme electrical needs on an OutBack Power foundation for a simple reason: OutBack makes components that are even tougher than the environments in which they are used. Anyone can claim their products are “built like tanks”—OutBack builds products that actually are part of tanks, supplying clean AC power on-board USMC and other fighting vehicles in the field. No matter where the need for electricity arises, there’s an OutBack Power product or system capable of delivering it.



  • Nordhavn Yachts depend on OutBack for AC power over the highest oceanic circumnavigation rates in the industry
  • Royal Canadian Navy Orca vessels use OutBack components for reliable AC power at sea
  • International Rescue Group’s first-line response ships incorporate OutBack renewable energy systems to provide essential services to disaster-stricken coastal communities


Industrial and Institutional

  • Canada’s Mine Supply Company replaced inferior competitive products with OutBack Power components to achieve a 100% success rate in deployed system installations
  • Remote oil and gas pipelines and wells use CP Master’ Cathodic Protection technology to prevent corrosion and ensure metallic integrity, and CP Masters depends on OutBack to deliver onsite electricity
  • Over 100 public schools in hurricane-prone Florida use “triple purpose” OutBack Grid/Hybrid systems to save money, provide clean-tech education, and power emergency shelters for at-risk populations during life-threatening storms



  • Solamor Event Services in Oregon uses OutBack Power systems for clean renewable energy at outdoor concerts, location film shooting, festivals, and other events around the country
  • Transforming shipping containers into affordable mobile emergency and educational workspaces, Adaptive Container’s SPACE units with OutBack Power systems onboard have been successfully deployed from Texas to Nigeria.



Integrated System Solutions from OutBack and Alpha Energy-old

Clean Energy Technology is easier than ever with pre-configured and pre-tested OutBack solutions

FLEXpower pre-wired/tested systems provide high-performance power conversion solutions you can get on-line in record time— for cleaner, cost-effective electricity.


Over Two Dozen Configurations!

Find the perfect configuration for your next project

  • FLEXpower brings electricity quickly and effectively to the new visitors center at the National Veterans’ Cemetery in St. Louis
  • Clean electricity for the Navajo Nation’s rural electrification program through the widespread deployment of OutBack FLEXpower systems
  • FLEXpower systems take over the electrical requirements of a medical center in Haiti vital to the post-earthquake recovery effort


Alpha Energy: Advanced Integrated Energy Solutions for Specialized Applications

Partnering with OutBack Power, Alpha Energy delivers the right energy system for the most demanding environments and applications


SPS Solar Power Systems

  • For security, municipal, traffic, and other integrated PV needs


HPS Hybrid Power Systems

  • For telecommunications and other users requiring high-density system with multiple power options


MPS Max Power Systems

  • The industrial and utility solution for systems from 100kW to 5mW







Engineered Systems from OutBack and Alpha Energy

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Renewable Energy and Solar Power


Alpha Energy: Advanced Engineered Energy Solutions for Specialized Applications

Partnering with OutBack Power, Alpha Energy delivers the right energy system for the most demanding environments and applications.

Alpha Energy is an engineering and project development expert in the field of innovative power conversion solutions that integrate solar, wind and alternative resources. Our solutions deliver reliable electric power for the most demanding and remote off-grid applications and diverse industrial applications worldwide.

With Outback Power, our customers experience true turn-key project development through our in-house engineering, system integration, deployment, commissioning and O&M capabilities.

When utility grid electricity is unavailable, unreliable or very costly, our Optimum Power Solution (OPS) Systems are designed to provide a finite and predicted amount of electricity to power known loads. They can be designed for full autonomy, unattended operation and 99.999% reliability.

For more information visit Alpha Energy on the web or call 360-618-4302.

OutBack for Professionals

for professionals


Why Professionals Choose OutBack Power

Combining world-class knowledge with reliable and robust power electronics, OutBack Power is the first-choice for professional installers, designers and distributors of renewable energy systems across the globe. OutBack provides a wide range of renewable solutions for homes and businesses, including off-grid and grid/hybrid installations, to maximize solar output, reduce ongoing operating costs and promote sustainable energy independence.

Whether you’re planning your next renewable energy solution, integrating product into an existing system, or seeking a long-lasting business partnership, OutBack has the tools and resources to deliver sustainable system solutions that reduce costs and improve reliability over the life of your power installation.

Outback Products and Systems

Commercial Backup Power System with Inverter and Batteries

OutBack’s inverter/chargers provide clean reliable backup power almost instantaneously in the event of a power outage. Our system is designed to work with larger battery banks providing much longer backup times than typical uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). Our inverter/charger is also designed to work in conjunction with a generator for longer runtimes.

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Certificate Training Program

Outback Power's NABCEP-Aproved Certificate Program: The fast track towards PV Professional Certification or PV Recertification. Reserve your spot today!


Renewable Energy Solutions