MPPT Charge Controller
  • Part Number: Model: SCCM20-100
  • Product Line: Controllers
  • Related Categories: SmartHarvest
SCCM20-100 Charge Controller

Product Highlights

  • 20A/100V Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) charge controller
  • Ensures maximum yield from available solar energy
  • Integrated LED display for PV and battery status
  • Built-in electronic protection circuitry
  • Backed by OutBack Power's global sales and support network

  • Description

    The most efficient, high-yield battery charging technology available, at a price normally associated with PWM designs.

    In any PV/solar energy system with energy storage, performance is dependent on the batteries, and the batteries in turn entirely depend on the charge controller for charging efficiency and longevity. SmartHarvest makes it possible for a wider range of PV solar electricity systems to take full advantage of premium Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) charging technology with the SCCM20-100—MPPT, for the price of the usual Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) style products generally found in smaller-scale systems.

    The SmartHarvest SCCM20-100 improves system economics in several ways. It is designed for installation and set-up simplicity, reducing labor time in the field. By maximizing solar energy harvesting under a wider variety of environmental conditions, MPPT technology helps the system extract as much electricity as possible for more effective energy storage. It is ideal for use in a wide-range of residential, light commercial, agricultural, community and other applications that can benefit from better yields through more advanced charge controller technology.

    Please note SmartHarvest by OutBack products are not designed for connection with OutBack communication devices. For more information on product capability, please contact sales or technical support.

    Technical Specifications

    •  SmartHarvest SCCM20-100 Specifications
      Maximum Output Current (I) 20
      Nominal Battery Voltages 12/24
      Input Panel Power (Wp) 300/600
      Panel Intelligence MPPT
      Maximum Input Voltage (Voc) 100
      Charging Regulation Four stages: bulk, absorb, float and equalization
      Bulk Voltage (VDC) Flooded: 14.8/29.6 VRLA: 14.6/29.2 
      Absorb Voltage (VDC) Flooded: 14.8/29.6 VRLA: 14.4/28.8 
      Absorb Time 2 hours 
      Float Voltage (VDC) Flooded: 13.2/26.4 VRLA: 13.5/27.0 

      Equalization Voltage (VDC)
      (Flooded Batteries Only)

      Flooded: 15.5/31.0 

      Equalization Time

      1 hour 

      State of Charge Low Voltage
      Disconnect (V)


      Low Battery Load Reconnect (VDC)


      High Battery Load Disconnect (VDC)

      Temperature Compensation -5mV/°C
      Battery Type Selection
      VRLA/Flooded—selectable via jumper.  Factory default VRLA (jumper inserted)
      Data Logging Internal data logging up to one week, longer data logging available with monitoring software.
      Self Consumption (mA)
      Peak Efficiency


      Display 3 LEDs
      IP Class IP20
      Operating Temperature Range -40° to 60° C
      Humidity 0-95% RH non-condensing
      Dimensions HxWxD (in/cm) 4.3x7.8x2.2 / 11.0x19.7x5.7 
      Weight (lb/kg) 2.16 / .98 
      Certifications CE, IEC/EN 62109-1
      Warranty Standard 2 year