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In a world of changing energy needs, complex utility rates and growing grid instability, SkyBox goes beyond both simple grid-tied and off-grid designs by creating an entirely new class of renewable energy system — a True Hybrid Energy System. By combining the economic benefits of a grid-tied system with all the independence and self-sufficiency of an off-grid system, SkyBox redefines simplicity, intelligence, flexibility and control.

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skybox simplicity

Engineered for simplicity, a high voltage integrated design allows larger strings and fewer components — reducing material costs and cutting solar + energy storage installation time by up to 75%. All while maximizing solar harvest.


skybox simplicity

SkyBox intelligently measures and controls power to and from any connection point (utility, solar, battery and load), dynamically optimizing energy distribution, consumption and transactions — perfecting the way power is created and consumed.


skybox flexibility

Manage your personal energy grid. Leverage the benefits of energy storage to bank solar energy when the sun is shining and use it later when utility rates are high. Or, install SkyBox now and add energy storage later. SkyBox lets you do either.


skybox control

OPTICS RE lets owners control 100% of programming parameters while monitoring when, where and how energy is generated, consumed and stored — from any internet-connected device. And it's built into SkyBox so it's ready to use on day one.