Bus Connectors
Bus Connectors

Product Highlights

  • DC bus bars
  • Designed to enable the most complex of code compliant DC cable connections
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  • Description

    Breaker Bus allows connection of two 175-250A, three 100-125A, four 1-80A DC breakers or three 500 Amp DC current shunts - plated copper rated for 500 Amp.

    Combiner Bus connects up to eight DIN mounted breakers or four DIN mounted fuse holders - includes one 1/0 set screw lug - plated copper rated for 200 Amps.

    Shunt Bus allows up to four high current cable connections on same side of DC shunt - includes two 3/8 inch bolts and mounting screws - solid brass rated for 1000 Amps.

    Technical Specifications