inverter voltage not correct.

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inverter voltage not correct.

Postby hnoble on Wed Jul 08, 2015 8:08 am

inverter voltage not correct.
I have an issue with a two vfx3524 inverters not passing the correct voltage to the batterys. The inverter is set via mate to 32v bulk but the batterys only receive 29.4v, Batterys are new nickel iron batterys and total bank is 1200AH each battery is rated 1.2v with 19 in series.
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Re: inverter voltage not correct.

Postby klundquist on Wed Jul 08, 2015 9:11 am

What does the Mate say about the inverter charge status (BULK? ABSORB? EQUALIZE?)

Are you using the OutBack Remote Temperature Sensor? If the batteries are warm the inverters will aim for a lower charge voltage. The Mate will tell you the temperature compensated charge target. I would need to know which Mate you have to direct you. Otherwise you can pull out the temp sensor and see if that makes a difference. You might want to check the battery manual to see if temperature compensated charging is recommended or not.

Are you giving the inverters enough power to charge the batteries? If you are using a generator, what size is it? Also remember that loads take priority so if you are running a lot of load there will be little power left over for charging. Try turning off all the non critical loads.

I suggest you set the AC charging amps for each inverter to 20. While you are in the charge menu make sure both inverters are set to the same charge target voltage.

If you have a CT rated for DC you can measure the amps into the battery bank by clamping one of the battery conductors. The max output from the two inverters will be ~160amps.

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