DC-DC converter fed from FWDC breaker

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DC-DC converter fed from FWDC breaker

Postby stevetull on Mon Mar 16, 2015 5:25 am

I would like to power a few low-draw 12vdc devices like some ham radio equipment and some back-up lighting which will be installed at the same location as the FW500. My system is a 48v system. From reading another forum thread, I understand that the way to accomplish this is to buy a DC-DC converter.
Would I install a panel-mount DC breaker in the FWDC just for the converter?
Could I install the converter inside the FWDC, (if there's room), and then mount a small DC load center close by? Can a small AC load center be used?
Is this the correct place to tap the DC from the system? Will there be FlexNet DC reporting issues?

Thank you!

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