shipping status? (and other questions)

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shipping status? (and other questions)

Post by TuongThuc » Mon Sep 14, 2020 7:41 pm

st before some posts were lost due to drive failure Robin had posted some status information on the grid-tie inverters. I have a few questions:

Are "classic" stacked two inverter systems shipping yet?

Is there a rough guess on a timeline for quad stack (and larger) grid tie systems? Is it likely to be weeks, months or longer?

Can a grid-tie quad stack (sharing the same MX-60s, batteries and arrays) be made to work by having two of the inverters not have anything connected to AC out? Those inverters can be sell to the grid and charge the batteries but they do not power any loads. If the grid goes down only two inverters can power loads.

A similar idea would have 2 sets of classic stacked inverters sharing a battery and both powering the same critical load panel. Each stack would have its own mate. One of the stacks could be in a non-interactive mode (this would limit the amount of power sold to the grid to what two inverters can supply.

When an inverter is grid-interactive are the AC in and AC out of the inverter tied together? Is this why the X-240 (quad stacks?) can confuse anti-islanding?


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Re: shipping status? (and other questions)

Post by Mike Curran » Tue Sep 15, 2020 12:44 pm

This excerpt from the fxr inverter manual seems to indicate that if your loads are all 120 volts then one of the 2 series "string" fxr's could be dedicated to your loads while the other would have no loads connected: ... p=drivesdk

The red X is my marking, here's a link to the fxr manual: ... erator.pdf

However I must admit I haven't any experience doing this nor can I speculate on whether this can be done with Outback's Radian inverters.

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