If you could have it any way you wanted, what would a live system "dashboard" show you?

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My RE system: 48x (6s8p) 310w REC TwinPeak Mono panels (combined nominal output 14.88kw)
2x Radian GS8048A inverters (combined nominal output 16kw)
3x FM100 charge controllers
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Outback combiners/rapid shutdown, Mate3s, HUB, etc.

If you could have it any way you wanted, what would a live system "dashboard" show you?

Post by ty.marbut » Fri Aug 21, 2020 4:08 pm

Imagine you could take a pencil and paper and just draw out your ideal dashboard for any/all information about your system, and have it become a live, working dashboard accessible in web browsers or as a mobile app, that works however you want it to.

What would it look like? What insights would you like from the data? Gauges, charts/graphs, raw figures, tables, ratios, cumulative data, downloads, digests - anything is fair game. Another way to ask this question: What do you like about the OpticsRE interface, WattPlott, or your visualizer of choice; and what is it really lacking that would make it much better? (If you want to literally draw it, I'd love to see what you imagine.)

As an example of a wishlist (my own), I'd like to see a few derivative metrics like ratio of bought to sold, and ratio of loads to inverted, over different time periods (last hour, last 24, this bill cycle, this year, lifetime, "trip odometer", etc.). I'd like a place to view an approximation of my net metering balance, since my power company doesn't tell me what it is on the bill! I'd like to visualize where my solar power is going - how much to charging vs. to loads vs. selling vs. losses, etc. I'd like updates every 5 seconds instead of several minutes, and I'd like the data to be less than 2 seconds old so I can see what's going on when the clouds are coming and going. I'd like a way to compare my string voltages and wattages at a glance to see if there's snow stuck on one string, or if the charge controllers aren't using all the available PV. I'd like all-time and today's record high and low wattages at different points in my system. Etc., etc.

Yes, I'm working on such a dashboard software; yes, I have some displays already built, but they're still entirely editable and I'd love to include any insights that anybody here has; and yes, I will update the folks on this forum when it's ready for beta testers, hopefully within the next month.

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