OutBack products are engineered to provide reliable power to residences ranging from the most remote off-grid cabins to neighborhood residences. Our legendary durability means you will have power in even the most challenging of environments. Our Grid-Interactive inverters give you the ability to sell power back to the utility while still providing the freedom to use your solar power in the event of a power outage.


House With Grid-Interactive Inverters, Charge Controller and Batteries

Did you know that if utility power is lost with a traditional grid-tie inverter, the operator cannot use the renewable energy source?

For people who want the ability to sell back renewable energy power to the utility through net metering, and also want the ability to use their renewable energy source in the event of a utility power failure, OutBack offers the GTFX and GVFX lines of inverters for grid-interactive applications.

residential grid interactive

Off-Grid Remote Power

Off-Grid House with No Utility Power (Only Solar and Generator)

For remote cabins or vacation homes, or where utility power is not an option. OutBack’s power electronics provide the backbone infrastructure for people producing their own power through renewable energy resources such as solar, wind or traditional generators.
residential off grid